Approval of operating procedures WPQR/BPQR

The inspection schemes are drawn up in accordance with the Quality manual of the C-WT inspection body and in accordance with the requirements of the standard STN EN ISO/IEC 17020: 2012.

Inspection procedure:

The applicant applies for approval of the operating procedure by filling in the form TL 08 Application for approval of operating procedure (WPQR / BPQR).

The following shall be attached to the application:

  • pWPS according to relevant part of standard EN ISO 15609, prípadne pBPS
  • other documentation according to the requirements of the relevant standard for the approval of the work procedure, if required:
    • EN ISO 15610 – published welding consumable data
    • EN ISO 15611 – documentation of the existing previous welding experience

The completed application and attachments shall be delivered to the address of the C-WT Inspection Body. After reviewing the application, a price offer will be processed and sent to the applicant’s address. The price offer will also include the scope of the approved work procedure and the proposal for the on-site assessment date, and after its confirmation, it will also serve as an order for the performance of the inspection activity.

In addition to the mandatory attachments to the application for approval of the work procedure, it is also necessary to prepare the following documents, which will be taken over by the inspector in the event of an on-site assessment:

  • Welder’s certificate
  • Inspection document of parent material (minimum Inspection certificate 3.1)
  • Inspection document of filler material (minimum Test report 2.2)

Note: you shall always use the current version of the TL 08 Application for  approval of operating procedure (WPQR / BPQR), which is available in the section Documents and forms.